KPlayer user manual

KPlayer user manual

Revision 0.6.2 (2007-05-13)

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KPlayer is a KDE multimedia player that uses the MPlayer engine.

If you are having problems with KPlayer, please have a look at the Troubleshooting micro-HOWTO.

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Basics
Starting KPlayer
Playing multimedia
Local files
Remote URLs
Disk and tuner devices
KDE I/O slaves: fish, sftp, webdav, tar, zip, audiocd, etc.
Parts of KPlayer
Title bar
Menu bar
Main toolbar
Playlist toolbar
Video area
Slider toolbars
Status bar
Multimedia library
Message log
3. Command reference
Menu bar
File menu
View menu
Player menu
Library menu
Settings menu
Help menu
Main toolbar
Playlist toolbar
Progress and seeking toolbar
Volume toolbar
Contrast toolbar
Brightness toolbar
Hue toolbar
Saturation toolbar
Popup menus
General popup menu
Playlist popup menu
Library popup menu
Message log popup menu
Toolbar popup menu
Title bar popup menu
Player menu
Main toolbar
Progress toolbar
Volume toolbar
Popup menu
Mouse wheel
4. Configuring KPlayer
User interface
Multimedia library
Now Playing
List view
User defined menus
Toolbar style and position
Toolbar configuration dialog
Other settings
File properties
5. Configuration dialog
General section
Controls section
Progress subsection
Volume subsection
Contrast subsection
Brightness subsection
Hue subsection
Saturation subsection
Sliders subsection
Video section
Audio section
Subtitles section
Advanced section
6. File properties
General section
Size section
Video section
Audio section
Subtitles section
Advanced section
7. Micro-HOWTOs
Compiling from source
Getting sources
Compile, install, run
Basic configuration
Video setup
Audio setup
MPlayer setup
Smooth playback
Previews in the Open File dialog
Previewing files in KMLDonkey
Advanced configuration
General settings
Control settings
Progress and seeking control settings
Volume and video control settings
Audio and video settings
Video settings
Audio settings
Advanced settings
File properties
General properties
Size properties
Video properties
Audio properties
Subtitle properties
Advanced properties
Full screen and maximized window
Full screen mode
Maximized window
Mouse wheel
Current playlist
Stored playlists
Playlist files
Multimedia library
Playlist folders
Ordering and sorting
Managing multimedia
Linked folders
Now Playing section
Recent section
Playlists section
Collection section
Devices section
Directory sections
Embedded subtitles
External subtitles
Subtitle settings
Finding subtitles
Disk and tuner devices
Setting up devices
Playing from devices
Inverse telecine and deinterlacing
Deblocking, deringing, denoising
Online radio and TV
Major stream types
Playlist files
Cache size
Embedded streams
Playing through HTTP I/O Slave
Where to find stations
Recording streams
Playing from KDE I/O Slaves
What are KDE I/O Slaves
How KPlayer uses them
HTTP, FTP and Samba
Cache size
Playlist files
Getting support
Common problems
Reporting bugs
Checking for duplicate bugs
Submitting a bug
Translating the user interface
Translating the user manual
Translating the .desktop files
8. Credits and License

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