Video section

Video section

This section contains options that control video output.


This option lists available video outputs and lets you choose the one to use for playing video.

Recommended choice depends on the video card you have. If you have a Matrox card, try XMGA, for other cards either XVidix (if supported) or XVideo provide the best quality. With NVidia drivers you can also try XVMC output. If after trying hard you cannot make any of these work, you can use X11 output as the last resort. Video outputs that open a separate window instead of using KPlayer video area are not recommended.


This option specifies the video device to use for the selected video output. Leave it blank to use the default device.


This option lists the available video codecs and lets you choose the one to be used for decoding video. Auto is the recommended choice, it lets MPlayer decide which codec to use automatically. If you need to tell MPlayer to use a particular codec for a particular file or stream, set this option in the File Properties.


This option specifies the video scaler to be used when doing software scaling. Software scaling consumes considerable amount of system resources, so unless you have plenty of them and software scaling gives you better image quality, you should choose a video output above that uses hardware scaling.

Enable double buffering

This option lets you choose whether double buffering should be used for video output. This option is recommended, it gives smoother display in many cases.

Enable direct rendering

This option lets you choose whether direct rendering should be used for video output. This option may give performance improvement, but may also cause video display problems, for example when used along with double buffering option or when playing with subtitles.


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