Subtitles section

Subtitles section

This section contains properties that control subtitle loading and display, if the file is played with subtitles.


This property lets you choose the subtitles to use when playing this file or stream. The none option disables subtitle display. The external option tells MPlayer to display subtitles loaded from an external file given by the External path property below. The set ID option allows you to enter an internal subtitle track ID to play. The other options choose an internal subtitle track from the list of detected tracks. An easy way to set this property is by selecting a subtitle track or file or the None option from the Subtitles submenu of the Player menu.

External path

This property specifies the path to the external subtitle file to be used for this file. This property is set automatically when you use the Load Subtitles... command from the File menu. The command also sets the Track property above to external.

External type

This property allows you to specify the type of the external subtitles. The auto option tells KPlayer to determine the type based on the subtitle file extension.


If this is a local file, this property tells KPlayer whether to try to autoload subtitles for it. The default setting uses the Autoload settings from the Subtitles page in KPlayer Settings.


This property lets you set vertical position of subtitles. The default setting will use the same subtitle position as for other files. An easy way to set this property is by using keyboard shortcuts for subtitle position commands on the Subtitles submenu of the Player menu while holding down the Shift key.


This property controls delay of the subtitles relative to video. By default this property is remembered automatically when you use the Increase Delay and Decrease Delay commands from the Subtitles submenu of the Player menu. The default setting always resets subtitle delay to zero when the file is loaded.


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