Chapter 2. Basics


Like all KDE applications, KPlayer is highly configurable. The default settings have been chosen for optimal performance and maximum compatibility. This chapter describes how KPlayer behaves with these default settings.

Starting KPlayer

There are several ways to start KPlayer. Which one you use is your personal preference, and may depend on what type of media you are going to play.

  • From the K menu, select Multimedia->KPlayer

  • Or you can put KPlayer icon on the desktop or on the Kicker panel. Then you can left click it to start KPlayer.

  • Alt+F2 will open a Run Command dialog box, type kplayer (lower case) and press Enter or click the Run button.

  • In a terminal program like Konsole type kplayer and press Enter.

  • Depending on the type of content you are going to play, there may be other ways to start KPlayer. They are described in the sections about playing local files and remote addresses.


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