File properties

Chapter 6. File properties


The File Properties dialog allows you to choose various options that will apply only to a particular file, stream, device, track, title, or channel. Many of the options are the same or similar to the ones that can be chosen globally in the KPlayer Settings dialog. The options set in file properties will override the global ones. Additionally, options set for a track, title or channel will override options set for the disk or device it comes from. The file properties give you full control of how the file is played, including options that are passed to MPlayer. Other properties display information that KPlayer found out about the file or stream, like time length, video size, and audio and video bitrates.

Select File->Properties... to open the dialog box for the currently loaded file or URL. You can also open the properties for any item in the multimedia library by right clicking the item and selecting Properties... from the library popup menu or by selecting Library->Properties....

The dialog contains several sections which are selected by left clicking one of the items on the left side of the dialog box.

General section

Shows general information about the multimedia item and lets you set a few essential properties.

Size section

If the file or stream contains video, tells you the video resolution and lets you control the video area size when playing it.

Video section

Contains properties that show technical information about the video and let you control video output when playing the file, if it has a video component.

Audio section

Contains properties that show technical information about the audio and let you control audio output when playing the file, if it has an audio component.

Subtitles section

Contains properties that control subtitle loading and display, if the file is played with subtitles.

Advanced section

Contains various properties that affect advanced command line parameters passed to MPlayer, as well as interaction with the KDE I/O Slave if it is used to transfer the file.

The buttons at the bottom of the dialog let you make choices about the contents of all sections of the dialog.

OK button

Accepts your changes and closes the dialog.

Cancel button

Closes the dialog without saving the changes.

Apply button

Applies the changes without closing the dialog.

Defaults button

Restores all settings to their original, predefined values and applies them.

Close button

After you choose Apply or Defaults, the Cancel button changes to Close. Clicking it closes the dialog and discards changes you made since the last time changes were applied.

Help button

Opens this user manual and displays the section that describes the currently selected section of the dialog.


You can also click the small What's This button with a question mark at the top right of the dialog and then click a property to get a brief explanation of it.

Clicking the rightmost button at the top of the dialog closes the dialog discarding any unapplied changes.


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